7th – 12th Grade

warehouse247 is a student ministry of Putnam Baptist Church that exists to disciple students by teaching them to love God, Connect with Others, and Reach their World for Christ. God, along with this church, has greatly blessed us with a student facility in which to fellowship, worship, and disciple. Our desire is that students not see a building when they come to warehouse, but that they see a student ministry that, by God’s Spirit, is making an impact in their lives as well as their peers. Psalm 24:6 says “This is the generation of those that seek Him that seek Thy face, O God of Jacob.” As a student ministry this is our prayer for this generation. We believe that this generation is going to make the greatest impact for the Kingdom of God than any other generation preceding them. It is warehouse’s objective to produce, through the power and leading of the Holy Spirit, students of influence!


7th – 12th Grade

Wednesdays / 6:00-7:45pm @ warehouse247
Every Wednesday night, experience fellowship and a worship service designed specifically for students! We begin the evening with 30 minutes enjoying the café, games, and other activities followed by a time of celebration with the warehouseBand, and messages from God’s Word that are culturally relevant and practical to the lives of every student.


7th – 10th Grade

Sundays / 9:30-10:50am @ warehouse247
We begin each morning with 15 minutes of fellowship followed by a time of studying God’s Word in a small group setting. In this Bible Study and Fellowship it is our hope that connection leaders will make an investment in the students that make up their group. Our goal is that this time would not be simply another typical Bible lecture, but that true fellowship and discipleship would be achieved.

11th – 12th Grade

Sundays / starts @ 5:00pm at the Basement of the Church Offices
These two years for a teenager could be argued as the most vital years of a person’s life. The decisions that this age group will make have the potential of impacting the rest of their lives. It is the desire of warehouse247 student ministry, that we equip them for the world they are about to enter. The 11th-12th Grade Connection Group focuses on preparing for this transition. This group provides a place and time where students can build relationships with their peers and be discipled by adults who desire to invest in them. This group is focused around God’s Word as the standard by which the Connection Leader equips these students.  Our goal is that this time would not be simply another typical Bible lecture, but that true fellowship and discipleship would be achieved.

Ministry Opportunities
As part of the discipling process of our students, it is our goal to equip them in learning how to serve the local Body of Christ. We encourage each 11th-12th Grade student to  consider “plugging” into a ministry within our church. There are multiple opportunities throughout the week that they can take advantage of (i.e. Kid’s Ministry, Worship Ministry, Media Ministry, Greeter Ministry, etc.). For more information regarding ministry opportunities, please contact Christian Harmon.

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For more information please contact Christian Harmon